Peace Begins In Me

We call for peace and yet do we know peace ourselves? Some days it seems we witness increasingly irrational separation language about basic human needs for peace, comfort and respect everywhere we turn. It becomes a greater responsibility for each of us to speak Truth and affirm peace in any manner possible. Our thoughts, words and actions are called to come from life-giving responses even on the most challenging of days. I’m not saying we’re in agreement on every topic, but we can always choose to proceed with compassion and disagree with love and respect.

Martin Luther King, Jr. so passionately said; “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” This, for me, is a moment to moment call to action.

In unexpected places and times of conflict, fear and instability; there’s light and love emerging. In spaces that are dark and dank; there’s light and warmth emerging.

Yes, in unexpected places we find peace is blooming.
Be open to the ordinary experiences that become extraordinary miracles.
Even when it’s hard to see, we can know it by faith.
Design each day in faith and witness miracles unfold.

As I claim Peace, I must first allow troubles, worries, fears and any areas of unforgiving thoughts to dissipate from the deep well of my soul. Some days it takes extra effort and then I recall it’s my faith being grown and stretched. This is powerful individual work.

As we do, we are evolving. We’re not meant to be stuck in the muck of turbulent seas. Growth will bring us challenges and these seas of change become lessons — my lessons, our lessons.

We have the ability to establish peace in our time if we choose. For me, it starts within. I am grateful for the many miracles I see blooming each day as we all learn to navigate new terrain and awaken more fully. We’re all experiencing many faith-filled growing pains. Let’s be the miracle-makers each day and not only pray for peace, but decree it so in every thought, word and action.

in peace, love and unity,
Rev. Doug

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