Growing EQ and the dragonfly

There are many symbolism stories of the Dragonfly. Maturity and a depth of character are just two. The dragonfly is often a symbol of change in the perception of self, with its source in mental and emotional maturity.

Working in the field of emotional and spiritual maturity are always fascinating to me. I enjoy the on-going work both personally and with individuals and groups. Today, the dragonfly inspired deeper thought.

Here are a few areas to be mindful of in your response to change. Some of these may be an indicator of where you may be in your own EQ journey.

  • How adaptable am I? Most things don’t go exactly as planned, or an event or situation may change suddenly…what happens with you internally? Are you still able to move forward and not let your plans become ruined? Disappointment is natural feeling, but it’s what do we do with it that counts.
  • How often do you take responsibility for mistakes? Do you look to blame others? If plans go sideways an emotionally mature person will look inward and shift the course of action.
  • See all life as curriculum! Life presents us all sorts of opportunities small and large in our day-to-day life to explore our inner world and how we respond to the outer circumstances. The question would be: “How can I learn from this?”
  • Do you argue to be right? Knowing that we don’t know everything and continually seeking learning opportunities indicates growth!
  • An emotionally mature person will experience anger but will not allow the agitating experience dictate their worldview or response. Emotionally mature people will seek to see all situations with clarity and opportunities for successful resolution.
  • Emotionally mature people have a strong sense of self but are not deluded by ego. Confidence and believing in oneself is vastly different than arrogance.
  • You’ll often find that emotionally mature people are approachable. They prefer to have a conversation with people and not at people. Notice the power dynamic. Strong EQ indicators are a genuine empathy for others and approach conversations based on a positive truth for all rather than negative assumptions and judgments.
  • Don’t take life too seriously! A sense of play and laughter are important keys to developing emotional maturity. Getting things done, while highly attentive to self-care and laughter provides a wonderful coping mechanism and a relief from the pressures of life’s stressors.

Today, this sighting of this scarlet darter simply beckoned me to pause, notice and be present. This is the incredible gift! Allow each day to be an opportunity for growth, notice the small things and the opportunities to learn and grow.

As I noticed the brilliant dance of many dragonflies today, this became the message;
“See me!” They say!
I replied: “I see you. Thank you!”

The dance and quick flight of life is filled with sweet opportunities.
Ready? Set, GROW!

in peace, love and unity,
Rev. Doug

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