New Book Release!

March 2024

Resonance is a deep connection, fostering harmony, and divine alignment. You're invited into an exploration in the beauty of nature both around us and within. Delve into the rich landscapes within yourself - the vibrant and life-affirming forests of vitality, the tranquil lakes of introspection, and the winding paths of self-discovery. Infused with original photography, musings, and whimsy, the explorer is invited into affirmations and prompts for contemplation. "Become still" is a gentle refrain guiding readers to thoughtful introspection intertwining the author's connection to nature and the harmonizing spirit in all life.

In Resonance, we share a vibration transcending individual boundaries. Discover the essence of Peace, Unity, Laughter, and Love - the P.U.L.L., as a universal tug guiding our journey. The author invites us to awaken the empathy within our hearts, and the echoes of child-like curiosity in our minds. He not only draws from a practice of connecting to nature, but also seamlessly incorporates the wisdom of spiritual teachers.

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The Nakedness of Leadership

Inspiring and developing Unity leaders and ministries brings to mind the tool of affirmative prayer, and our third principle aligned with a single vision...


Invitation to Dance

How glorious it is when we practice working together beyond the ideal! We become one in the dance, we hear the rhythm, the beat and yes, move our feet...



QUEUE GOD — Rev. Doug in the moment


Co-Creating Your Life (Sample)


Embracing The Wait (Sample)