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The official name for what I do is “transformational leadership consulting.” But what does that mean?

It’s many things rolled into one — including supporting, active listening, accountability, and establishing trust. Together, we identify needed change, create a vision and guide the change through the evolution of the team and community. Any transitional phase will bring about all sorts of new opportunities. These take time to process. There is a need for clarity and understanding of what’s occurring within the system. I work in tandem with committed members of a group as an integral part of the transformational process.

Most importantly, I’m here to hold the space open, create deeper avenues for curiosity and vulnerability while empowering you, your team or community to work toward the health and growth of your organization. I'm also a coach and resource for individuals, team leaders and those inspired to take the next step into a new role or venture.

More than traditional consulting services, I consider myself a partner to help you navigate the adaptive change process. I’m a deep listener and a neutral, non-anxious presence. I always look to discover and reflect your needs, even when they’re unspoken.

Together we will co-create excitement, new energy, purpose, investment and revitalized engagement.

Provide and support clarity in leadership. The skills of clear, healthy leadership are self-awareness, descriptiveness, curiosity, appreciation and accountability.

  • Effective leaders are courageous in the midst of challenges
  • Respects the opinions of others, but knows the variances between responsible and irresponsible thinking and acting
  • Focuses on community well-being understanding that the individual health of all contribute to the greater whole
  • Recognizes they are not super human, but always developing emotional and spiritual maturity which is reflected as a non-anxious presence and less reactive to changing life events
  • Focuses on strengths
  • Matures the system
  • Is focused on one’s own growth and see life as a curriculum
  • Looks within at any areas of stuckness
  • Has a universal perspective
  • Works with motivated people
  • Understand that issues arise from pre-existing conditions

On-going learning and education are core and essential in our ever-evolving world. It can be our foundation. Education gives us groundwork and helps anchor new skills, while development can help any leader, group or community solve the problems they face both individually and collectively. Development, as I use it, inspires us to take on what challenges us and move toward a higher vision. It’s the process of helping human systems learn about collaboration as way of increasing communication, participation, investment and connection. Development supports participants in a variety of ways underpinned to support all participants by Multiple Intelligences. The eight multiple intelligences constitute the human intellectual toolkit. We each possess the capacity to develop several intelligences. My courses, workshops, talks and even keynote lectures incorporate several intelligences for the sake of mass engagement and participation.

My aim is to guide increased organizational well-being by creating avenues for deeper connections. As we witness and respond through observation, techniques, as well as, participation, we begin to understand how accountability is a self-imposed part of integrity, which connects us to the greater whole. Accountability is not punitive. It’s about individuals and groups moving forward to promote the timely accomplishment of an organizations mission. This creates choice and space for all the members of the organization, every single person, to become contributors supporting an empowered community.

Why Well-Being Matters

A culture of well-being is linked to important organizational outcomes, such as productivity, health, and volunteer participant retention. These factors complement and affect one another in ways that leaders can influence. When individual well-being is a priority, organizations thrive.

It’s always the time to create a culture of accountability, cultivate team engagement, and have healthy dialogue.

When we see ourselves as part of a system contributing to the whole, we have greater success embodying the mission of the organization.

Our work together will create excitement, new energy, purpose, investment, engagement, hope, and restoration.

“Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?” -Henry David Thoreau

From creating a purposeful vision, establishing values, strategic guidance, increasing board, staff and leadership connections to simply being a good listener—I’m here to partner with you and help navigate the path of improved communication and connection.

First we establish safety and trust. Creating an environment built on safety, trust and accountability are key components in healthy organizational systems. To move forward, we’re asked to acknowledge where we've been and what's alive now. This is where we start, in the present moment.

Let's be curious and let's embrace true community beyond the ideal. "In the chaos of the wilderness is where the creativity blooms." -Doug Duerr

Let's continue our mutual curiosity.


I SEE: “Organizations transformed into authentic communities of unique, adventurous individuals empowered to lead and committed to grow."



COMMITTED TO: "Partner, inspire and ignite renewed community engagement and strengthen organizational health built on safety, trust and accountability."

"Community Wellness holds the highest vision for each member of a community as well as the entire organization's accountability to co-create our world. This “world” exists both internally and externally. Wellness is proactive, reminding us of our true nature. It is a dynamic process of growth in mind, body, and Spirit." -Doug Duerr

What others say


Doug's not heavy-handed with recommendations; he knows his stuff but is also open minded. He's just got ‘it,’ whatever “it” is. I’m sure that's why he’s so comfortable in leadership with groups that are going through big changes.

Member Board of Trustees


Our community has benefited greatly from your visits for all the right reasons.

Board Member


…open, loving, funny, connector, engaging, creative, enthusiastic, wise, definitive core values, heart-centered…

Online Learner


His gentle, candid, yet loving method of leading discussions really gave us courage to proceed…This man's coaching is valuable to a vibrant, exciting new ministry and I am appreciative of his enthusiasm, interest and involvement as we look toward a loving, positive future.

Board Member


We are grateful having him with us as our community expands and heals from past events. We welcome him here anytime. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Board Member


The whole workshop was fun and useful. Doug does a good job talking to us, not at us. I feel like he understands us and really cares about our success.

Community Leader


Rather than feel isolated or adrift, Doug’s warmth and mirthful personality have helped our congregation realign our hearts enthusiastically…Doug has brought a sense of FUN into our community and he is deeply appreciated by all for his loving insight on each occasion he has visited.

Leadership Team


Doug radiates so much love to his audience that the love fills the room as he leads the discussion. Doug is very sensitive to his audience and reads people very well…Doug ‘gets his point across’ in a very non-confrontational manner that is accepting by his audience, and we relish his visits.

Community Member


It was Rev. Doug that gave us the opportunity to put our visions into words, creating a working outline that would assist us in achieving our goals. For that I am so grateful for the love and guidance that is evident in Rev. Doug's teaching abilities.

Student in Discerning Your Purpose


Rev. Doug was a phenomenal facilitator and instructor, and was masterful in drawing out meaningful insights from every student.

Online Learner

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” -Mark Twain

Organizations undergo big changes that can lead to big transformations, and this can be exciting! From the system as a whole to each individual team member, it can also bring about varied degrees of anxiety. In an anxious system, it’s difficult to see the way forward. Process consulting brings in a neutral perspective and a non-anxious presence. Let’s connect about how I support and cultivate well-being in your environment.